I can’t speak English today. I keep pronouncing w as v. I said to my mother ‘Shall I take your this bags?’ And in my interview, I said a few sentences that made no sense whatsoever. This is taking language attrition to terrifying levels. Except I don’t currently use a language other than English in everyday life, so I can’t even blame linguistic interference for my stupidity this time.

You may have noticed I said ‘interview’. For today, three important things happened:
1. I had an ‘informal chat’ for a summer job, and happily, I have the job! It doesn’t start for another week or so, but it’s something I can keep coming back to over Christmasses and so on. It’s housekeeping locally. I’ll be earning money for the first time this year, hurrah!
2. I was offered a place to live in university accommodation in Oldenburg! It’s a single apartment and very cheap, albeit in the rough bit of town. I’ve been on the waiting list for over 100 years (about 9 months) and had just about given up hope. But I can stay there, as I understand it, for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 12 semesters. So it’d fit in well with the Crazy Scheme II either way, hopefully. So I’ve sent an email saying I’m interested and hopefully this guarantees me the place.
3. I saw Cher Lloyd, I think. We’re from the same area so it’s not mega-unusual, but I’ve added her to the List of Celebrities I’ve Seen (Princess Diana, the Manic Street Preachers, Oasis, the Dubliners (the latter three in concert), Queen Beatrix). I wasn’t that excited because her music is the total opposite of what I like, but my tiny sisters are jealous of me. Some of my tiny sisters, anyway.
Still waiting to hear back from Sheffield about Crazy Scheme II. Not sure what they’ll say. Thinking of seeing the Dubliners again later this year, for they are in Bremen sometime in November or December. WILL ANYONE COME WITH ME???? *wild-eyed grin* I mean, I don’t mind going alone because that way it’s less humiliating to sing along to all their songs if nobody knows me. But I also want to convert other people to fully appreciate, in a non-ironic way, the wonder of the Dubliners. Otherwise I will keep playing my tin whistle in your ears FOREVER.