You know you’re a bit psychologically abnormal when something comparatively TINY sends you into the depths of misery for the day. You know how I’d got the flat in Oldenburg? Keep up, faithful blog reader! Well, basically you apply for a fully or partly furnished flat. I applied for fully as I didn’t fancy schlepping a bed across the sea with me. They got back to me yesterday and said ‘You know that flat we said you could have and which you eagerly accepted? Well HAHA, it only has a shelf and a cupboard in it, NOTHING ELSE. For it is partly furnished, do you still want it?’ They didn’t put it quite like that. Anyway, I panicked first and then fell into the pits of misery, because I’d been really happy about something finally working out, and now they tell me I won’t have somewhere to sleep when I finally get back to Oldenburg. But it might be OK. I’ve said I’d still like the flat, since it’s my cheapest option by a long way. I’m just going to have to figure out how to get stuff to put in it.
But I spent the day feeling like this:

And the latter half of this picture illustrates how I cheered up by playing war games on my computer. Also, today I did a couple of hours of actual paid work. For the first time this year. It was quite good fun, and I celebrated by going to Worcester and spending nearly my entire earnings on falafel. Also, the kind mother of Mrs Frau Rhian sent Dylan the woodlouse an octopus in the post! I have named him Svend. And when my woodlouse is happy, I am happy too!