I speak German and Dutch fluently, at least, I’m supposed to because I’ve got a degree in those languages. Mind you, I often forget bits of my native language, English, so I guess I’m unable to really speak ANY language. I’ve been to French, Spanish, Russian and Japanese classes at various points in the past but have mostly totally forgotten those. I’ve tried to teach myself Welsh, Irish, Basque, Norwegian and probably several more but failed miserably. I’ve also been to classes in Luxembourgish and Niederdeutsch/Low German and haven’t failed too miserably at them, mostly because they’re quite similar to Standard German, Dutch, or both. And I can understand Flemish, Afrikaans and Frisian to a certain extent because of the languages I already speak.
Swedish is next on my deranged radar because I keep going to Sweden and think it’s only polite to learn the language. Being British, I will happily learn a language out of politeness. I’ve also always wanted to learn the Celtic languages, especially Welsh and Irish, so maybe I could do that after I’ve poked around the Scandinavian ones for a bit. I have a fascination with several Native American languages, Basque, Mongolian and Finnish but I’m a bit too scared to learn them, so I’ll admire them from afar.