This is what I created today:

I’m sure I’ve raved madly about this recipe before. This isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing version I’ve made, and it can be improved by adding fresh chopped coriander, which I forgot to buy for I am A FOOL.
Aside from this I haven’t done an awful lot today. I’ve done the first draft of the 20pg research project of Suffering and Misery, as the first deadline’s tomorrow. I’m not overjoyed with how I’ve done so far. Also I’ve contacted universities in Manchester and Newcastle about Crazy Plan II (I didn’t tell them I was calling it that). Also considering a few more UK universities. And also Sweden, quite strongly. It’s good that I’ve actually got time to think about these things properly and am not currently in total panic mode.
I am a bit panicking about whether I’ve got this uni flat in Oldenburg though. I got the contract in the post and it was dated 5th August. There was something in the letter that said it’s reserved for a 4 day period, then the flat gets given to someone else. I think. But I only got it on 12th August, because they sent it by Citipost. Citipost is a cheaper alternative in Germany that’s usually only used for post within that particular city. OTHERWISE IT WILL TAKE AGES. Surely they can see I’m not in the same city as them? THEY EXIST ONLY TO FRUSTRATE ME.