It has INDEED been a couple of days of highs and lows. I had some really disappointing news yesterday re: Crazy Plan to Transfer to Sheffield. I'd been told earlier in the week that it was possible to transfer after all. And although I tried not to get my hopes up, of course I did, and I went on a mad internet binge where I looked up old photos of Sheffield and potential places to live, etc. Anyway, I was told yesterday inbetween shifts at work that actually, the first answer I was given was right, and chances of transfer are slim (it's all more complicated than that, but I'm trying to shorten the sorry saga). I was disappointed, to put it mildly. No idea what I'm going to do now. ARGH.
But I had a nice day in Hereford today, with little friends and their adorable faces. We had an indoor picnic. Plus I got to meet a tiny baby! It's been ages since I've met a baby. The last baby I interacted with was probably the Danish one that attacked my head back in January. And having your head attacked doesn't necessarily qualify as interaction. It's good that I'm getting out of the house, as after being here alone for the last week, I've become incredibly paranoid. I've also become very territorial and am worried I'm not going to let anybody into the house ever again. When my family return next week, I think this will happen:

I'm oddly proud of this bizzare picture I created. Normally I feel a sense of shame at the pictures I do for my blog, for art is not one of my talents, but I think this one is pretty good. I didn't draw the rifle. I tried, but the one I did went wrong.
In the meantime, anyone who would like to suggest what I should do with my life wins….a picture of their choice on my world-famous blog? Or plums, the plum tree has produced a lot of them so we have something of a plethora. LET ME KNOW.