I was going to ring up my parents to moan at them about my stressful day, but they've had a stressful day too, so I'm going back to my surrogate parent- yes, my blog.
– Woke up to yet another email from Oldenburg Studentenwerk. Heart sinks, as it always does. They don't like that I've got a foreign bank account and won't accept it unless I do the transfer for rent next month myself (rather than them just taking it). I sigh heavily and reach for my bank details and card reader. THEY ARE NOWHERE.
-Still searching, I go to the kitchen to make my coffee. In the sink is a spider that is BIGGER THAN MY FACE.
-Firmly in denial, I ignore the spider and continue to look for the bank details. With no success.
-I trot off to work and have a fairly bad day. I only did 3.5 hours but felt slightly ill the whole time. While working, I worry about going back to Germany and conclude, pretty firmly, that I don't want to go back at all, even for next semester. Yet I have now paid the fees. Problem.
-Come back home through the rain. Spider still in sink. Sobbing like a big girl, I liberate it.
-I search EVERYWHERE for the stupid bank details. I have a horrible feeling I might have chucked them away during the Massive Clearout a coule of weeks ago. I look to see if my siblings have card readers. They do. I finally transfer the stupid money to stupid Oldenburg.
-I now have minus money. All my money that I've been saving for 2 years has gone.
-I begin to feel very ill and slump on the settee for ages. Vaguely wonder why I've had no texts from work about lifts, etc.
-Conclude I am dehydrated, so drink 3 glasses of water. At 9.30pm, my phone gets its backside in gear and sends me 3 or 4 important texts from several hours ago. I am now terrified that I look rude for not answering them soon enough. Also managed to send boss empty text by accident. Me and phones do not mix.
FAIL DAY. I can't believe it was a month ago that I was trotting merrily around Sweden. I'm a little bit distraught that I left. ON THE PLUS SIDE, I get paid on Tuesday which will hopefully save me from immediate financial ruin, although how the Future is going to work out is a different matter entirely.
On an even happier note- HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAITHFUL BLOG READER ROSE! Let me know if you want me to draw you a beautiful picture!