Right. So I had yet another 'pre-going to sleep' panic attack about the terrifying jumble that is my life at the moment. So when I woke up (after I'd managed to calm my racing heartbeat down by conjugating verbs) I made a list of all the things I needed to sort out. I handed this list to my parents and we had a Discussion. A productive-ish one. I also tried to sign up for courses for the next semester at Oldenburg and discovered, to my mild shock, that courses don't even start till the very end of October. The summer semester lasts till 30th September, which I knew, so I assumed that the winter semester picked up straight after that, but it turns out there's this weird gap. Then it finishes in February.
I think the sense of utter relief I felt on learning that I had a few more weeks at home is quite telling. And although I'm going back for this semester and although it might be great and I might change my mind, I don't think I'm going to go back after it. I still have a lot of fondness for Oldenburg, and it might be best to leave while I've still got that at least.
So instead of flailing around like some kind of mad octopus, I've decided to actually DO stuff that'll get me somewhere. I've reapplied for an EU traineeship for translation, as well as a couple of other things. The idea is to get some kind of job in February/March, after I bid Germany farewell. Then, depending on lots of things like what kind of job it is and how I'm feeling about things, I might transfer universities and start a new course in September (provided this is possible and my job is more of a job than a career, or is only temporary, like the traineeship). Or, if the job is an Important Long-Term Real Person Job, and I'm enjoying it, then I could stick with it. 
So actually not much has changed in terms of Katie Suddenly Making Decisions and Deciding She Wants To Become A Proper Person. I'd still really like to keep studying, because of my strange passion for dialectology, but there's no fun in doing that if I can't afford it. All that's really changed is I've recognised the importance of doing things more and worrying about them less. And that, children, is what we have learnt in today's lesson.