September hasn't started in a happy way (see secret locked post) and although I did sort of insist that I was OK, that doesn't explain why I started sobbing in church this morning. Which should have been embarrassing, but wasn't really. I am OK, but obviously it upsets me to see my family so upset too, and I'm tired, etc etc etc.
What else is happening? Not getting too many hours at work next week, which is a shame, as I do need the money. I've signed up to do courses at Oldenburg next semester (I think), and so far there's an interesting-looking one about Dutch linguistics that I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do since I've already done a linguistics module and they might make me do literature instead, which would be AWFUL. For some reason, I'm not allowed to sign up to do advanced Plattdeutsch for another month (the sign-up window is quite small, clearly because everybody wants to do Plattdeutsch). I've signed up for BASIC SWEDISH but am on a waiting list. For some reason. And I think that's all I'm doing. I hate this vagueness with the university system. It's good that it's way more flexible, but it'd be nice if I knew what I was doing, and the website is all weird and mad and doesn't link together properly.
Basically, this sums up how I feel about it:

I've also been poking at my research project in the hope that the words will organise themselves in such a way that I get good marks for it. I've grown to totally hate my research project.
Now I'm developing a sudden need for a cup of tea, as British people are wont to do. Also I'm trying to persuade my father to get me some t-shirts that are based on Soviet propaganda posters, because I'm clearly trying to get thrown out of my town.