The 'kick self up backside' plan hasn't been working as well as I'd hoped. I've been feeling kind of weirdly low, not 'Germany I'm going crazy' kind of low, more slightly numbed than anything. Poor EmoKatie. I've been finding work really tiring lately. I'm glad I've got a job, obviously, but cleaning's way more tiring than any of my previous jobs (teaching, manufacturing coasters, delivering post…I have lived a varied life). I mostly just want to curl up and sleep at weekends. Even though I'm only working part-time throughout the week. PERHAPS I HAVE BECOME OLD. Also, the thought of going back to Germany usually brings about some kind of panic attack, especially if I think about it late at night. If somebody innocently asks when I go back, I feel irrationally angry with them for bringing it up, even though it's a perfectly reasonable question. How I wish I had a healthy relationship with the country I've accidentally emigrated to.
Here is a picture drawn by Dylan, my woodlouse from IKEA:

He hates it when he's put in the washing machine. I think I need new things to draw. Maybe I shall hold a contest! GUESS MY FAVOURITE BRAND OF HOOVER and you get to choose what I draw on my next post! This is easily the best idea I've ever had.
P.S Dylan's on Twitter. I'm very tired and am using that as an excuse.