Well, I stink of polish and various other cleaning chemicals. I can smell nothing but these things. Which is why I'm putting off having lunch for now, because I have lovely falafel which will be ruined if I can only taste polish. Also, my adoring public (Becky and Siobhan) are forcing me, at knifepoint (albeit long knives that reach from Exeter and Sheffield) to update my blog, so I can only oblige.
I've started feeling like this when cleaning:

I say started, I mean that I feel increasingly like that. I've been listening to the Red Army Choir a great deal. I've said it before, but they are wonderful to clean to.
Other things that have happened include me innocently trying to look up how much money I have, weeping furiously, and then the ATM punishing me by eating my card. I can recover it tomorrow. That's a pretty epic fail. On a slightly related note, I'm terrified of booking a flight back to Germany because then it will make it real, but luckily I can put it off because I've got no money, YAYS. It's almost entertaining to see what a crumbling ruin my life has become. I wish I hadn't moved to Germany. Then I could've used the savings for an MA in the UK, or for a deposit on a flat if I got a real job, or something sensible, at least. Or even something entirely unsensible, like a very expensive coffee machine. I'd be poor, but I'd have brilliant coffee instead of instant that makes my stomach cry, AND I wouldn't have as much psychiatric damage. I AM THE BIGGEST FOOL IN THE WORLD.
Yes. I'm thinking of continuing the artistic 'copy Katie's head on to Soviet propaganda posters' things, what do you think? It's quicker to do than my usual mad cartoons.