WELL. Both my little brothers left home this week, one to start uni in Exeter and one to move to Italy. This means I have to wind up my little sisters all by myself. It is a mammoth task. It was tiny Cerys's birthday last Saturday. Weird to think that there have been 10 whole years of my insane youngest sister. She's recently decided she 'really hates' the Nazis (she's reading a book set in WW2), so I guess she's on the right track.
I'm applying for jobs in the UK. I'm hopefully getting a phonecall about an interesting one tomorrow. I've been eaten up with anxiety and paranoia for the past couple of days. Well, more than I normally am. I think this is the right thing to do. I haven't filled in any formal paperwork yet, but I'm fairly set. It's sad in a way to be out of studying, but I didn't even feel like I was properly studying in Oldenburg anyway. I'd like to be back at university this time next year, but at the moment I've got to face the miserable reality that pretty much all my money has gone, and at 23, I can't totally sponge off my parents.
I was going to attach my face to another Soviet propaganda poster but I think I've finally run out, which means I'm back to drawing stupid cartoons. I shall not do this now, though, because I should be sleeping.