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This was given to me by the wise and wonderful !

coffee vs tea
This is a very good question. I've been a coffee addict for 10 years now (yes, since I was 13, and no, it's not totally normal to start drinking coffee that early) but only starting drinking tea at 20, as a kind of stress response to my move to Germany. I see coffee as a kind of physical necessity (there's a select group of people who've seen me in the morning pre-coffee, and they're sworn to secrecy regarding my foul mood and tendency to attack people) but tea as an emotional necessity. If I'm upset, or somebody else is upset, my immediate reflex response is to make a cup of tea. This has a lot to do with my nationality.

Dylan's my egomaniac woodlouse from IKEA. I've been a bit worried about him lately. His behaviour's gone really downhill since we went to see his fiance, Otto the Octopus. He's been missing him a lot. My sister Cerys has a blue octopus (not from IKEA) who we've rechristened Notto (he was Bob before) and Dylan keeps thinking it's Otto and getting his hopes up. Poor louse.

They're less of a novelty to me now. You see them all the time in Britain. At the time when I started this blog, I was slightly less into cake than I am now (hard to believe) and more into stroopwafels. I'm working my way round the junkfoods.

Despite my rampant communism, I've never met another communist I've liked. I think they tend to take themselves too seriously. I'm a communist, in that I sincerely believe that communism would be a better system, but I don't know how and when and even if it can be applied to Britain. Or any country. I don't shout about my communism too much (she says, wearing a t-shirt with a design based on a Soviet propaganda poster) because people tend to react very negatively and I try very, very hard to make people like me.

I MISS SHEFFIELD! Amazing to think how much I disliked it at first, but when the time came to leave, I was sat in my room weeping, unable to pack anything. I'd go back in a heartbeat if I could afford to move further away than outside my county.

IN OTHER NEWS, things might be looking a bit up on the job front, possibly. I might be getting put forward for a role. It might involve relocation. I'm quite excited so I'm not saying anymore because it'll go wrong otherwise.