Well, I decided for certain not to go back to Oldenburg this October, so am slightly up to the eyeballs in forms that I have to fax (fax! What is so wrong with an email attachment?). I am happy. And relieved. I have stopped fretting madly about the move back to Oldenburg just before I go to sleep each night. There's a certain amount of regret. I was looking forward to studying advanced Plattdeutsch and beginner's Swedish, and it's a shame that all the work I stressed about last semester won't officially count for anything, but I've always said there's no such thing as wasted learning. Wasted money, yes, but at least I learnt basic Plattdeutsch, which has been an ambition of mine for a while. Overall, though, I'm pleased, and hopefully when I get the tuition fees for this coming semester back, I'll have enough money to get me on the right tracks for applying for jobs and generally living a normalish life (or as normal as it can be when you're 23 and living at home).
So I expect the next few months will be spent looking for work. I'll also be applying for scholarship funding for next year, because I'm still very sure that I want to keep studying, even if studying has so far eaten all the money I've ever had. I'm strongly considering applying for funding from Sheffield, but don't really know how this works (you have to apply to the university before applying for funding, obviously, but what if you then don't get the funding? Do you just withdraw your application, thus causing disappointment and a kerfuffle?). Comenius is another option. The future's quite a bit less certain than it was, but that is not really a bad thing. I've been given a test translation to check over, and if I do well in that, I might get an interview, which would be nice. PLUS this way I get to see more of family and friends, which is never a bad thing. Here, have a picture:

This insane brew is pink lemonade that I created. Do not ask me if life has given me lemons. I do not understand that phrase. Surely lemons are good things? I would like it if life gave me lemons, or if anyone else gave me lemons for that matter, because they are highly versatile and useful. My lemonade doesn't taste that good though.

Now it is pizza time, and hopefully, if I have persuaded my dad to go out and buy me some, also cider time.