I finish my cleaning job this week. This is probably for the best, as I have started compulsively dusting shelves in shops when I'm supposed to be on my day off, in the manner of a rather severe Victorian governess:

So after this week, I'm not really sure what's happening. I was offered a job locally yesterday some nice people I clean for. They had previously given me Pimms. I think I'm going to continue with my 'get out of the West Midlands' plan, though. I did some test translations for a company in the south (possibly the south-east? My geography gets all confused south of Gloucestershire) a few days ago, and I would really like that job. Also, yesterday I heard back from a company in SHEFFIELD that I had contacted. The job technically requires an MA, but because I did that internship in Amsterdam and therefore theoretically know how to use some translation software, they said they'd take my application forward. I'd love to move back to Sheffield!
One of my many psychological quirks is that whenever things start looking up, I either a) plan for when it all goes wrong or b) madly plan ahead in case it all works out. This means I've been looking up rental prices in the south (HORRIFIC) and all sorts. I've also got a vague wisp of hope that maybe if I got a Proper Job, the company could help me out with further university study if I worked for them a bit more. I don't know if companies do that. I know VERY LITTLE.
On a different topic, I devoured this book recently. I'd been putting off reading it because I don't tend to like the entire fantasy genre (mmm sweeping generalisations) and because somebody I don't like also read it (mmm being unnaturally petty). BUT I really enjoyed it. It's not got too many of the fantasy elements that I don't like (magical unicorns, elves, that kind of thing). It's a bit of a ginormous book but I ate it in about three days, although I didn't do much sleeping. I was persuaded to read it because the TV adaption contains Sean Bean, and it is known that everything that is associated with Sean Bean is Good.