I've been heart-wrenchingly ill. Look:

I know this doesn't exactly prove the extent of my sufferings, but trust me, it was hideous. My nose will probably stay red forever. I met up with beloved friends on Saturday but was feeling so rough that I remember very little of what happened. I think cider and nachos were consumed though.
I've been merrily applying for various jobs. Back to where I was in January, really, sigh. And because I'm not really used to applying for 'proper' jobs, I'm not used to the fact that things work a bit differently. For example, for most of the jobs I've hitherto applied for (mainly factory work), I've not bothered with a proper cover letter- not much more than 'Attached is my CV, hope to hear from you soon'. But for career-y jobs, I've got to put a bit more effort in. And also, I get panicked if they take a bit longer to get back to you, because I'm used to seeing this as an automatic rejection, when, in fact, certain things take longer to process, especially if you've sent them a translation to assess.
It sounds almost impressive, all this talk of cover letters and careers and relocation and so on, but sometimes reality hits me in the face. It wasn't that long ago that I was in college, and I remember very clearly being told that student loan repayment wouldn't be a problem, because when you start earning over £20,000, you'll only pay a small percentage off per month. But none of these jobs pay anything like that amount anyway. I don't feel like my education was a waste, because my main motivation for going to university was because I enjoyed my academic subjects, but if I'd gone purely to improve my career chances, I'd feel even more betrayed. The main struggle I've got at the moment is earning enough to live independently of my parents, I can't even think about paying off my debts. And yet there are people in the same town as me, the same age, who can afford to buy a four-storey house and build themselves a home cinema. HMPH.
SO I think that'll be my life for a few weeks at least. It's quite weird not knowing where you'll be in the immediate future. Mostly I have been playing Medieval 2: Total War (I'm France, and I'm doing quite well, but I am using a money cheat, which is wrong of me).