Today would have been the day I'd have returned to Oldenburg. We'd hatched a provisional plan to go to the Language Show at the weekend, and proceed to Germany via a nearby airport. But that didn't happen, and the Erstsemesterbegrüßung is happening without me (although I'd already done an Erstsemester, I didn't get a Begrüßung, so I guess I'd have gone along). Instead of this, I went to the Job Centre to sign on. It all feels a bit weird. I still feel entirely that I've made the right decision, but of course, this doesn't stop me thinking of hypotheticals. As is my wont.
So I've signed on and am still doing occasional cleaning. This is allowed (honestly, Tory spies! It's allowed! Call off your posh warhounds, call them off! Arrgggh they're attacking my throat, arrrghhhhh help!). I've also got my fees back for this semester at Oldenburg, so I've now got Savings for the first time in a very long time. This makes me feel a bit happier. Of course, the savings are languishing in my German bank account and I've had to transfer it by going to one cashpoint, withdrawing my money, and putting it in another cashpoint. Which seems deceptively simple. The only thing left to do is look into the icy blank wilderness that is my future and try to find a job. I'm still waiting to hear back about one that I applied to 4 weeks ago, a Promising One.
Between cleaning and fulfilling my Jobseeker's agreement (which I am doing, Tory spies! Arrrrrgggggghhh not the posh hounds again!), I'm writing another book about Dylan the woodlouse to publish on Lulu. I say writing, I've only done the pictures so far. It's a bit of a tragic tale at the moment. And I've run out of ideas.
And finally, there's a good chance that I'm going to be spending my savings on this:

P.S- I still love Finnish as well.