One of my many pathetic hobbies is seeing what search terms have led people to my beautiful blog. Most of you lot I know in person, and this is a beautiful thing, but sometimes people stumble across me online. Sometimes the search terms are very amusing. I get queries about how to pronounce stroopwafel (sort of like stroapvaafel, but I've never been good at explaining how to say stuff. It's certainly not said how it's spelled though), Luxembourgish cakes, how to say happy birthday in Plattdeutsch, and IKEA's klappar skalbagge (my beautiful woodlouse Dylan). What terrifies me, though, is that in the last couple of days I've had loads of search terms relating to the red light district in Osnabrück! I visited the city a couple of years ago to attend some kind of strange conference for language assistants in Niedersachsen. I blogged about it and happened to mention that there was a large and obvious red light district, which there was. And that seems to draw in many, many blog-readers. I AM DISGUSTED:

(that's me doing a scary face)
Most of these people are asking where this red light district is located. As far as I remember, it was near the train station. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, INTERNET-SLEAZE-BABOONS*?
I applied for a job in Yorkshire, which made me realise the extent to which I want to move north rather than south. Once again I got way ahead of myself and looked up rental prices. The north is so much cheaper. I suppose I already knew this, but unless it's directly relevant to you, you don't really notice. I hope I get to go north. In further news, I might be going to visit Northern Ireland for the first time. My mum's plotting a trip there. And in final news, I watched a film about the Danish resistance called Flammen & Citronen. I thought it was very good although quite emotionally harrowing.

*I have not the slightest idea what I'm talking about here.