I start my new job on Wednesday and while I'm very nervous, I'm excited too. I'm mostly nervous about the settling-in bit, and would quite like to fast-forward a couple of months to when I (hopefully) feel comfortable and established. One major adjustment is going to be from having loads of free time but very little money to having little free time but a reasonable amount of money. One thing I've never learnt to do is drive:

As we can see, I can't even draw a car very well (this one doesn't seem to have a steering wheel, which I gather is important). I'm pretty good at operating a U-Boat (types VII and IX only), and driving surely couldn't be harder than that? Some people think it's very odd that I'm 23 and have never had a driving lesson. I've sailed boats (in real life as well as my sad virtual life) but never been in control of a car, unless you count when I was 3 and my dad pretended to let me direct the car back into the garage. I've just never needed to drive, to the extent that it would have justified the expense. And I didn't really feel mature enough to drive until I was about 20.
The problem is, of course, that I'm getting tempted by other things, namely language courses. I might moan about London, but it is brilliant for languages. These people ran the taster sessions I went to at the Language Show, and if it came down to a choice between learning something amazingly cool like Finnish and learning to drive, I'd go for the language every time. Although ironically, without being able to drive, I probably wouldn't be able to get to most of these evening classes in time (they seem to start at 6pm). WHY MUST I BE THWARTED?
I booked my first house viewing too! Next Saturday! This is very exciting.