Like Buckaroo, but less donkeylike. I hope.
Well, I've emigrated to Buckinghamshire, which represents a giant cultural change for me, obviously. I thought I was from quite a posh place, but just walking round the various villages, I feel a bit like a chavish (chavvish?) interloper. I'm probably going to develop a pseudo-northern accent of some kind, which will be interesting. Anyway, things are going fine so far. Work's good, there's a proper training scheme worked out for me so I'm not suddenly in the middle of things. The major thing to get used to, actually, is the concept of full working days. I did a couple of cleaning jobs over the summer that would last for 6 hours or so, but it's not the same as spending your whole day in the same building. I haven't actually done that since I manufactured coasters (with great skill, I might add, and I even did t-shirts and mugs and bags, with equal skill) last year. So I'm trying to ease myself back into all that.
My main concern at the moment is finding somewhere to live. I'm lodging at the moment and have a viewing booked on Saturday. I've only managed to arrange one booking, which is a pain, and it'd probably be better to have more fingers in pies/irons in fires, but I'm hoping this one goes well. It's in the next village along, it's (for this area) fairly cheap, and yeah. I hope I get it.
I don't have that much to report, really. I'm struggling to look neat and tidy every single day, and have just spilled my soup over myself. Obviously. But all in all so far, I think I did the right thing by not returning to uni.