I now, I think, have a flat of some kind! Let me explain further. I had a viewing in the village of Chalfont St Giles, which is fairly close to where I work. Well, it’s about an hour’s walk from my workplace, which everyone seems to think is hugely far, but I once had a job in Bromyard that took me three hours to get to, including an hour’s walk across some muddy farms, so really, it doesn’t seem that inconvenient to me. And there’s a direct bus to Heathrow for some reason, but more on that later.

So the flat itself is above a shop on the only shopping road in the village. It’s very very small. There’s a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living area that currently includes a sofabed, but if I get my way, I’m getting a lovely IKEA bed at some stage. I can move in next weekend if I get all the paperwork together, so I’m going to have to ask if I can use the printers and scanners at work. They should let me do that in my lunch break, shouldn’t they? The kitchen’s a lot better than I expected. There’s a washing machine and a proper oven (FINALLY I WILL BE ABLE TO BAKE (this is the first time I’ll be living somewhere that has a proper oven, other than at home) ). The living space isn’t too small, and there’s a little dining table in one corner and a tiny cubby hole in another corner, for storing Dylan the woodlouse when he’s been bad. I could see why they said it had character- it’s quite old and has beams and things.
So I saw the place and then went to an Italian place to eat pizza and think, because I think best when I’m eating pizza. And I thought I’d be disappointed if somebody else snapped it up, and I’m quite keen on getting somewhere quickly. Chalfont St Giles is really nice as well (this information might be relevant to Ms Rose). I went for a walk around town and there are some nice pubs and fields and farmers markets and things. I went past a policeman and he said good morning to me! That has never happened to me before. So as I was unlikely to find anything in the Chalfonts for anything like this cheap, I rang up and said I’d take it! Fingers crossed the paperwork will go through in time. I’ve already had a think about posters I’d like to put up (copies of old Dutch resistance posters, for anyone who’s interested).
It’s very weird that a month ago, I’d only just decided to stay in the UK and wasn’t sure if I’d have to be staying with my parents for the foreseeable future. Now I have a job AND possibly a Real Person’s flat. It commits me to stay here for either 6 months or a year. Which is OK, because I’m already formulating plans for the More Distant Future. This may involve emigration. More on that story later.