I’d expected today to be a pretty miserable day, as the main thing I had to do was buy a suitable dress for Monday, and as well as that, I had various technical problems to sort out in town. Luckily everything worked out better than expected. I’m equipped with a formal black dress, a dongle which should be good for the next month, AND my broken phone turned out to only have very dusty speakers, so the nice man was able to repair it using a staple, and didn’t even charge me. I also bought a book I wanted that normally would have cost me £25, but I got it for £6. I ate cheesy chips and POFFERTJES:

For it was the Christmas fayre in Worcester, which is easily the biggest thing that happens in Worcester each year. There’s an international bit, which I love, obviously. A Spanish man offered me olives from his stall, shouting “YOU! You’re gorgeous! Try an olive!” (I did not try an olive). I wondered if I should speak Dutch to the poffertje people to see if I could get a discount, but I was too shy. It was really busy, something which would normally stress me out, but I was quite happy. Even the short journey back was pleasant. The sun was setting (at 3.30pm!) and I was all comfy in my trademark fisherman’s jumper, looking out of the window and listening to sea shanties on my MP3 player.

Then in the evening, I went to the Christmas fair in my town and saw my very first lights switch-on. Normally I’d find it baffling that people could get excited about it, but today, for some reason, I thought it was really nice. My brothers are home from their various faraway locations too, and it’s just nice that we’re together for a bit.

The only negative bit was my dealings with BT. Basically, I’ve got a phone line with a dial tone and a number, but it’s not making outside calls, so the account’s stopped but the phone line isn’t deactivated. It should be a simple matter of activating it free of charge using software, but they want to send an engineer round and charge me £130-£170 (depending on who I speak too). And I’m really not keen on taking more time off work to wait for the engineer, especially as work have been really understanding and nice about what’s happened in the past week. And they never send engineers out over the weekend. It’s stupid. And I only want a phone line so I can get internet forever and not dongle internet. It’s a right pain.