This weekend has been the first in over a month that I've had to just relax and do very little in particular. So of course, everything went wrong, because I'm being punished for sins committed in a past life.
I had two objectives: to register with a GP, and to join the library. I managed the latter, which was slightly less urgent. The surgery, however, is closed all weekend. It also closes at 5.30pm during the week, and happens to be shut between 1pm-2pm too, which exactly coincides with my lunch hour. There's one surgery in my village and one in the village where I work, with a total of six doctors, so you'd think maybe they'd be open for a bit in non-working hours? Oh no. So I can't register OR make an appointment, both of which I'd wanted to do.
Then my laptop charger exploded. My laptop was very unhappy about this and started closing down randomly by means of protest. I refused to panic and walked to Chalfont St Peter to buy a new charger. The journey took about 40 minutes. I happily told the helpful and patient man at the computer shop that I owned an Acer and would like a new charger. Bought one, walked on to Gerrards Cross, which took another half hour. Merrily shopped in Tesco. Got the bus back, got in at 4.30pm, and realised that I don't have an Acer. That was my last, deceased laptop, I've got an Advent. Obviously the brand new charger didn't work because I'm an IDIOT.
So I dyed my hair to cheer myself up. Got hairdye all over the only pair of jeans I bought with me. Brilliant. Tried to cook stuffed butternut squash (which I managed in the end, with delicious results). Set the smoke alarm off. And finally, as I was going to bed and switching off the lights, the bulb went, of course. Oh, and the pub opposite me (one of many in the village) played very loud music till 1.30am, which is fair enough for a Saturday night, but not nice when you're in a foul mood.
So that was Saturday, and on Sunday I was woken by incessant church bells. Tried to cheer myself up by walking to the nearest chip shop (20 mins away). It was closed AND THEY DO NOT DO CHEESEY CHIPS. At that point I gave up on my weekend and read books in my uncomfortable sofabed for the rest of the day.
I'm happy to report now though that I have a new laptop charger because the people at the shop are kind and hide the fact that I'm an idiot very well. So now I can watch 4 episodes of the Killing in a row. Nothing like Danish murderers to cheer you up.