Yes. I have now developed a wisdom tooth. Well, part of one, it's still burrowing its way through my gum. It started on Christmas Eve, and my first instinct was to scream 'REALLY, LIFE? CAN'T YOU LEAVE ME ALONE JUST FOR A BIT AND LET ME REST AND ENJOY MYSELF, JUST FOR A WEEK, MAYBE, PLEASE?', but I calmed down after I realised that it's actually not that painful, so far, and I probably won't need terrifying surgery, fingers crossed.

My family are loving hearing about the progress of Tommy the Tooth. I find it all very exciting. It takes me back to being 7 and obsessing over the growth of my adult teeth. I feel like a baby dragon.
Oh yes, Christmas. I had a nice Christmas. I hope all my faithful blog readers did, too. I saw a good 60% of my readership last night in Hereford (where I am famous and seen as somewhat exotic, living, as I do, in Worcestershire). We weren't quite complete, which was sad, but it was nice to see everyone who was there. Also, I got a u-boat to build (a type VIIC, slightly larger than the one I built a few years ago, which was a replica of Prien's U-47). And my laptop is still being a pain and the battery within will not charge, even though it is new. So I must contact the seller.
I'm off back to Chally St G in a couple of hours, for my day of work tomorrow. I'm going straight back home again tomorrow evening, for New Year. I am increasingly aware of how my lengthy childhood is totally at an end.