I can't even remember if I've ranted properly about this before. I'm losing track of my own rants. This is encouraging.
However. In my village, there is a vet's surgery. It's open till 7pm most days throughout the week, and till 1pm on Saturday. It's almost like it adapts to people's working routine, or something. I live around the corner from the GP. There are 6 GPs in total at two different surgeries- one where I live (just round the corner), and one where I work. But neither are open at all before the weekend. Neither are open before 8.30am or after 5.30pm during the week. And best of all, they both close completely between 1pm-2pm, which happens to exactly coincide with my lunch break. I'd rather not mess them around even more at work, but it looks like I'm going to have to at some point, as I'd like to book a (non-urgent) appointment. I just think it's a bit stupid that I'd be able to get my hypothetical pet ferret (hey, if I was getting a pet, it'd be a ferret. Or a llama) treatment if it was ill, but it took me this long to even be able to register.

Rant over. In other news, I went to London yesterday. It's a very weird feeling to be this close to London. Normally I think of London as a different country, which needs preparation and planning before you visit. To be fair, it took me about 35 minutes to cycle to the station, but once I was on the train, I was there in 40 minutes. Very strange. But I checked out where this language course would be, should I choose to go. It'd be quite a big journey and I wouldn't get back to my flat until fairly late, but it might be worth it. I also went to Foyles and spent some joyous time in the massive languages section. I got into a good-natured debate with an elderly man about why learning Dutch is worthwhile. And on the way back, I got totally lost (on my bike, between the station and my village), and ended up cycling some miles in the wrong direction, before pushing my bike most of the way back to the flat (my backside, as I'm sure you'd like to know, was in agony) and collapsing with exhaustion. But I won't mention that I got lost, because that makes me sound like an idiot.