I keep losing track of what my hobbies, likes and dislikes are. This makes smalltalk very difficult, and it's already hard because of my slightly 'special' personality (disorder(s) ). Turns out I love cycling. I was really nervous about cycling to work instead of travelling in my mobile comfort zone (the bus), but it's fine, really. I mean, the streetlights along the road aren't on, which makes cycling back after work a little bit hazardous, but I've got lights on my bike (not Beatrix. Beatrix the bike is resting). And it only takes 5-10 minutes longer than the bus, and I reckon if I become slightly less flabby and manage to conquer 'hills' properly, I can BEAT the bus. And I save £3.30 per day, which I'll use to buy cake, although that might not aid the 'become slightly less flabby' plan.
Yeah, it's only the first day of cycling to work. I bet the novelty will wear off by the end of the week.
Apart from that, things are tootling along. I was hysterically busy on Monday and most of yesterday, but things seem to have calmed down a bit today. I've become addicted to a new computer game called Mount and Blade. You get to be a medieval-type mercenary and go around and fight things. I've found it a good way of dealing with aggression.
My epic to-do list, which has consisted of at least 20 items since November, has dwindled to a more manageable 10 or so, and most of them are things I can put off like 'organise holidays' and 'buy umbrella'. The only urgent item is 'CHECK COFFEE SUPPLIES HAVE NOT RUN OUT'. But I checked, and they haven't. All is well.