Eventful by my standards, anyway.
Yesterday I trotted off to London to meet Good Cakemaline, who loves cake. I thought "Yeah, I'll walk from Marylebone to Leicester Square, even though I still can't pronounce Marylebone. Pff, soft Londoners, always taking the underground. Pfff". How stupid I was. I tried to walk along Oxford Street (probably the longest street in the world, I reckon) and it took me about three days (a bit less, maybe). And I ended up wanting to hit people, especially people who walked along holding hands, taking up the ENTIRE PAVEMENT, and then got annoyed with ME when knocked into them because they couldn't bear to not hold hands even for a few SECONDS. AND loads of people were engaged in horrible public displays of affection. Normally, I'm not as PDA-phobic as those who know me might suspect, but yesterday it was really annoying me.
Anyway, I'd been to see a Good Comedian in London. I had two tickets and was very worried about going alone. It's OK to go to the cinema on your own, because the people on the screen aren't going to turn around and start ridiculing you, potentially. Comedians are a different kettle of fish. Luckily, Cakemaline bravely stepped up to the challenge. Not only that, she also bought me the most sugary cake in the world. I'm still shaking from all the sugar.
I cycled back from the station to my tiny village and got back about half 11, which was earlier than I'd feared. Went to sleep at 1am, and was woken half an hour later by a MASSIVE fight right outside my window. It sounds stupid, but I was genuinely scared because I wasn't too sure what to do. It didn't seem 999-worthy and in my sleepy state, I didn't know the non-emergency number (I know it now). I flailed around my house trying to find where it might be written down, but then a police car showed up and things settled down a bit. I've never experience anything like that in Sheffield or Amsterdam, or anywhere else I've lived. By daylight, I feel a bit stupid for worrying, but it was scary at the time.
Today was more laid-back and pleasant. I went for a walk, to restore my faith in the peaceful nature of my village. Threw a tea party with cake and doughnuts for Dylan, who's been deeply unhappy and grumpy lately, pining for Otto, his lost love. And then played computer games merrily. Next weekend I might go and feed the ducks, which was my favourite hobby as a 3 year-old and is also my favourite hobby as a 23 year-old.