I've had an insanely busy week so far. Not always busy in a good way either, but at least I'm establishing some kind of routine. As we know, I'm cycling to work these days:

(no, I can't really draw bikes, and no, I didn't really put the effort in here, but I'm amazing at drawing sheep and yaks and quite good at hippos, so shut up)
The weather of late hasn't been friendly and I've often turned up to work looking like a half-drowned rat. However, I've saved over £20 in bus fares just in the last week and a bit, and if it came to a choice of having to spend £20 a week OR freezing half to death every day, I'd go for the latter each time (my nan was born in Rotherham, I think I've inherited a scary dose of Yorkshireness. At least, I'd like to think so)
Talking of which, my house is still freezing cold because I'm too cheap thrifty to turn the heating on for more than an hour each evening. It looks like this:

except that my bed doesn't take up my whole house (although in all honesty, it takes up a good 15% of it), and my house is actually a flat. But you get the idea. It's really cold.
This coming weekend is the first weekend since I started working here where I've had nothing at all to do. It's quite nice to have no obligations, really. I'm considering going to Amersham just to see what's there, but equally, I might sleep in till the late afternoon. Or hold another tea party for Dylan. I could try and come up with a motivational thing to look forward to, as my 2012 is still looking a bit empty and planless. All of these things, I might do.