We all know that I'm not coping too well with going from being in the poshest 30-40% of most given groups, to being, by a long way, the roughest person in my village. Because I sometimes wear jeans at the weekend. And by sometimes, I mean always, because it's the weekend and to be honest, they're lucky I even get dressed.
I've got a theory that girls of my age from round here and Vikings are exactly the same. It's like my theory about Plattdeutsch-speakers and Yorkshirefolk, but much, much crazier. Observe:

Both wear fur 'gilets'. Yeah, that's a new word I've learnt. Both wear leggings of some sort, with MASSIVE BELTS at the top and MASSIVE HAIRY BOOTS at the bottom. Both wear their hair long. Ladies from Buckinghamshire try to make it look like they've put no effort whatsoever into doing their hair when they wear it long like this, which is a matter of some annoyance to me, because I try to make it look like I've put some effort in, but it's sadly obvious to everyone that although it's washed and brushed, that's your lot. It's not as though it's in any kind of order. Vikings put slightly less effort into their haircare regime than Buckinghamshire ladies, but only a bit less.
Further similarities include their hobbies: they enjoy marauding, horse-riding, pillaging, and talking about visiting Daddy's summerhouse in France. They both like sailing. And so on. I think that's more than enough similarities for a theory. I'm going to write a thesis on this.