I had an enjoyable and quite eventful weekend. Firstly I discovered how the heating in my house works, and by 'I discovered', I mean 'I was told after having reported it as broken. Turns out they're overnight storage heaters. I'd never heard of these before, and I'm a bit scared of them, but they have made my house warm.
Just in time, as it happens, because yesterday some of my family came to visit! Only the youngest tiny siblings and the parents. Cerys (no.6) was very taken with my house. For some reason. We all went onwards to visit my godfather+family, and had a really nice day. My mum stayed over, for today BT were coming and I wasn't overly keen on booking time off work to sit around my house (although I clearly have no problems making my mum do it). And the happy result is that I now have internet! Really quickly and easily! And am catching up on a LOT of Coronation Street episodes. I came back and found that my mum, appalled that I don't tend to do ironing, had ironed all of my clothes and rearranged the in the wardrobe. May I stress that I'm 23. I did not mind though. I felt a bit desolate when I left for work this morning, knowing my mum wasn't going to be there when I got back. Foolish potato that I am.
Anyway, I'm now eating my very first homemade curry (I had to fill my Saturday somehow, and the realisation that I'd got to this age without ever having made curry from scratch was eating away at me). Problems I still have to sort out:
1. My bike puncture and the fact that despite being so very Dutch (not at all Dutch except for mad surname), I can't repair something that complicated with all the inner tubes and that. I'm going to have to take it to a shop, and they will laugh at me.
2. My broken freezer. How can I be thrifty if I don't have a freezer to store all my bargain food in??
3. The peculiar growth of my wisdom tooth, Tommy. I haven't spent enough time worrying about him.
4. The way my computer shuts down every time I plug something in to the USB port. I wanted to share a picture of my fantastic curry, but can't as a result of this. I've tried reinstalling the drivers. Does anyone happen to have any idea?
And now- CORRIE.