I'm a bit of an obsessive planner and I'm not very good at being spontaneous, but on Wednesday I decided to go home for the weekend (yes, I know that's still planning 2 days in advance, but…well, it still counts as spontaneous to me). My reasons were fairly unsentimental- my laptop needs a new hard disk, because currently, everything I come into contact with breaks, and it's under warranty at home, and a £30 train ticket is cheaper than the £110ish that they'd charge to repair it in the south-east. But it's really nice being at home. I've spent the day updating my scrapbook, going into town (seeing 6 people I knew, because that's how my town is), drinking coffee, writing down recipes, and tormenting my youngest sister. It's nice. It's a bit sad that I can't stay longer, and that when I come home for the weekend, I kind of have to make the choice between spending time with my family, or seeing my friends- I can't have both. And of course, next Sunday will be the second in a row that I spend feeling a bit desolate about leaving somewhere that I don't really want to leave.
Still, it's good to be somewhere where there's hot water. I'm told my flat will have hot water soon, and there's been talk (after much polite badgering from me) of reducing the rent for the period (2 weeks today!) in which there was no hot water. I feel obscurely guilty, even though I've got nothing to feel bad about because I pay for hot water (and a fridge, but I'm not getting into the fridge/freezer saga here, because it's boring for everyone to read about). It's really been getting me down (in case you hadn't guessed), all these problems in the flat. I've thought about moving, but the problem is, if I moved, I'd have trouble finding somewhere so cheap (even though to me, it's not cheap anyway) in my village, so I'd have to move somewhere close by, like SLOUGH, which would mean registering with a new GP, and generally loads of kerfuffle, just when I'd got settled somewhere. And if I was going to move house, I'd rather it be somewhere I wanted to move to, which would maybe not be the south-east.
I dunno what I'm ranting about now, to be honest. I'm just grumping, as is my custom. Here, have a nice photo of a bit of my town: