I do suffer a great deal when I'm kept apart from the internet. This should be worrying, but I suppose that's because most of my social interactions are online. Actually, that should be worrying too. Why am I not worried enough? I need to worry more.
I wish I could say that during my time away from the internet, I've been doing fun and exotic things like travel to interesting places and generally broadenend my horizons, but that would be an awful lie. I'm mostly been working, because that's apparently what you're supposed to do. Something about adult responsibility and not sponging off your parents all your life. I'm not convinced by this. In the evenings, I've been doing a lot of reading. I've read three of the Wallander novels, inspired by my recent trip to Ystad. I wasn't quite prepared for the absolute emotional devastation I'd feel after reading the final one in the series (I didn't realise it was the very last one till I was a third of the way through, and I can't leave books unread, so I had to go on). I was so upset that I had an insomnia relapse, after sleeping almost like a normal person since last summer. I won't spoil it, but I've rarely been made so miserable by a book.
So, let's move on from the fact that in about 20 years time, I think I will actually be Kurt Wallander. In the real world, I finally passed my probationary period at work last week! This is very good news, because it means a salary increase and general acceptance as a Proper Person. It was a massive relief. I've been working here for 4 months exactly. It's been an incredibly difficult 4 months, and I'm scared of saying that things are looking up in case it jinxes things, but things might be looking up.
I'm trying to come to terms with living in the south-east. I have the impression that I'm over-northernising my accent to compensate, though. I was in That London last Saturday to meet with Little Amy and Little Greogry, which was fun. My quest to learn Swedish has begun, sort of. The local council's adult learning website says it's offered, but I can't find it on the course search. I know there are courses in London although I'm not massively keen on going all the way there and back in an evening. We'll see. Most courses I've seen start next month, so I've got a bit of time. I've emailed the council to see if there are any courses more locally.
There are still a few problems in my flat, but I now have hot water, which has cheered me up quite a lot. It was getting to the stage where I was considering moving out, but now that I can take a shower without freezing, I can look at the situation in a much more positive light.
That's about it, really. I'm probably going to Slough tomorrow. My birthday this year is the day before Easter (it's Easter that changes dates, not my birthday. It's important to be clear on this). I haven't got much planned as yet regarding wild celebrations. 24 is a bit scary as an age, but I like the fact that it's an even number, as odd numbers tend to make me feel on-edge. And finally, my existential crisis surrounding what on earth I'll do once I get thrown out of the south-east continues. But that's a story for another day.