My desire to finally learn to drive does seem to increase at the weekend. Not quite enough to qualify me to say 'I'd like to learn to drive', but a little bit. It'd be nice to just head off and not worry about having to change trains and/or get the last bus, etc. There are no buses whatsoever within a 5-miles radius of me on a Sunday. Fine, I thought. I will spend some quality time with my laptop, playing computer games. I find that having one of these 'jobs' really does eat into my computer game-playing time. BUT whoever owns the shop diagonally underneath my flat (diagonally underneath is a proper way of describing things) decided Sunday would be the PERFECT DAY to get people in to do some drilling between 10am-4pm. Sunday was the only full day I'd spent in the flat in well over a month. I developed a raging headache, tried to complain to the council online (but this failed because the website went all weird) and finally snapped, throwing my window open wide and playing the Red Army choir, followed by the Welsh national anthem 4 or 5 times in a row. Not very mature maybe.
My quest to learn Swedish suffered a cruel setback today when I had a reply from the council letting me know that although they used to offer it (which is why it was listed on their website, offering False Hope), they don't anymore. SORROW. I might have to go all the way into London during the week, which could be interesting. I shall not give up yet though.
On Saturday I went to Slough. I'm back to normal again. Like 99% of the rest of the world, I no longer like Slough, like I did back in January when I was clearly a different, less sane person. It was overcrowded and stressful. And I've developed the really bad habit of comparing rental prices in Sheffield with those of the south-east. I could get a whole house, with a garden and separate living room and bedroom for what I'm paying now.
ANYWAY. What was I on about? Oh yes, learning to drive. On my To Do List, it says 'learn to drive, but learn Swedish first'. So I might be in for quite a long wait.