Well, the Friday evening moan is here. There's little better on a Friday evening than moaning on your blog, inside your house, which you alone inhabit (well, Dylan's here too, but he doesn't pay rent).
This has been a week of major letting-agent and legality-related stress. Obviously not going into the ins and outs of it on the unlocked bit of my blog, and also because it's ALL VERY TEDIOUS, but it's been getting me down. I really dread opening emails from them. I've not felt levels of anxiety like this since I was living in Germany. I wish it was all over and done with.
In addition, the council have decided to resurface the road directly outside my house. Great! At normal working hours, do you think? No. Overnight. Until 1am last night, and 3am the night before last, starting at 8pm-ish both times. I'm not the only one who lives on my street, and it would have been way better to do this during the daytime, but of course, they want to keep the road open then for all the commuters to go into London. So this is what happens:

This will be going on till 27th March. I do so love having my sleep interrupted like that. The steamrollers going past actually make my flat shake. I would have drawn the steamrollers but sadly, I'm not enough of a 5 year-old boy to be good at drawing stuff like that.
Anyway. It's been other pile/string of stress, and at the same time I'm dimly aware that the government is selling off the NHS, along with anything else that was ever good about the country. And while that last sentence makes me sound, more than ever, like an elderly Yorkshirewoman, I'm right.
I'm OK though. I have stuff to look forward to. I think I'll finally book these 'mythical Swedish lessons' when I get paid next week. They're in London and the journey might be horrible and make me associate the Swedish language with being very hungry (as I'm not sure when I'll be able to fit in eating my dinner if I go to these lessons), but it'll be worth it. I've also got a 'birthday' coming up over Easter. I'm keeping very quiet about this birthday at work to avoid the slightly humiliating and traditional presentation ceremony, but it will be nice to have a four-day Easter/birthday weekend. I might also finally revisit Sheffield next month, or in May. Just a daytrip, and it'll be 4 hours each way, but I reckon it would be worth it.