When I was only slightly younger, I used to spend a lot of time playing the Sims 1 and 2. My Sims would lead miserable lives of mindless drudgery, until I discovered the money cheat that allows you to give your Sims untold wealth. With this wealth, I would build my Sims fantastically elaborate houses, so huge that they'd nearly crash my computer. These houses would have long drives with huge gates and amusingly-shaped shrubbery.
I never thought I'd see anything like that in real life until I cycled to Amersham. There are a lot of small woods and copses round here, with interesting names like Old Hanging Wood and Doggett's Wood and the mildly amusingly-named Long Wood (I always have to lower the tone). The place names all sound like something from a fantasy novel written by an American author, based on the author's impressions of what Britain's like even if he himself had never been there. But it turns out there are places like that in reality, and what's more, I live there.

As I keep mentioning, the place I'm from in the West Midlands has some nice houses. But it's not the case that EVERY house is lovely there. In some ways it's a normal town with normal houses. But here, there are houses and cars that are so…posh, for want of a better word, that you have to stop and stare at them for a bit.
It's really pretty though. It was a very nice little bike-ride. Normally I would seethe with resentment about being someone on a non-posh income living in the richest area of the UK, but it's such a nice day today that I thought I'd stop being grumpy for once and just enjoy the day. I'm thinking of heading Amershamwards next Sunday as well, possibly to eat in a cafe (I'm getting paid next Friday, which is why today, I went to Greggs rather than a cafe. Not that there's anything wrong with Greggs, even if the government are even trying to ruin that particular avenue of pleasure for me by raising the prices of pasties).
So all in all, Amersham is a place that I would take people to see in the event that I was ever visited. Countrysidewise I still prefer 'my bit' of Herefordshire and Worcestershire, but I'm slowly assimilating. But if I ever pronounce the word 'house' as 'aaaaas', you have permission to slap me.