I have a child's understanding of payday:

This drawing is worse than my usual high standard, because I'm nursing a range of injuries, all of them to my hands. Several are papercuts- the main hazard of office work. One is because yesterday, somebody chose to park in front of my gate, so when I returned, I had to put my bike down in a patch of thorns (there was nowhere else) and clamber over the car to get inside my house while carrying all the shopping, and then I went back to get the bike having deposited my shopping inside, slicing my finger open in the process.
But yes, payday. It's bad to give me all my month's money in one go,because I spend the rest of the month mentally spending it. This month my main expense will be SWEDISH LESSONS, which is quite a sensible purchase. However, a giant, wearable knitted beard is not. I'm trying to persuade people to get it for me for my birthday, but with little success. Even though I would love it and wear it every day.
I'm not a big spender really. I'm stupidly frugal. My energy bills are very low because I am Jim Royle. In the sense of being frugal and in no other sense whatsoever.