London makes me very cross.
I got to the station on time, after being ROBBED (£4.10 for a bus journey that took 10 minutes? Are you actually mad, south-east England? I'd cycle everywhere, but there's only so much shopping I can carry in my rucksack). The train turned up- it was full! O lolz, I thought, never mind. The next one's in 20 minutes and I don't have to be in London for any particular time. However, the next TWO TRAINS were also so full that nobody could squeeze in. I looked like this by the third disappointment:

So when I finally got to London some time later, I was already in a bad mood.
Anyway, I was there to check out the venue (lol, checking out venues, what a ponce I am) for my potential Swedish course. I was planning to book it today and just wanted to make sure it was doable. Well, it is doable, it's just that I'd probably have to take That Tube They've Got Now once I was there, and it's £8 (!!!!!!!), unless I ACTUALLY RAN. And I got back to my little house and looked up reviews of this language company, and I'm a bit doubtful, because they look a bit mixed. I've got to be a bit picky, because it's quite a bit of money to pay in one go, and career woman that I am, it's going to take up some of my increasingly rare free time.
So then I looked up a course at one of those London Universities. It's a bit more expensive but you do get some kind of certificate at the end, although I bet it's just an attendance certificate. It'd be slightly easier to get to as it starts half an hour later. The only snag is that enrollment ended YESTERDAY. The course begins on 30th April, and it seems a bit stupid, especially as the enrollment period lasted a mere 3 days. I might ring them on Monday, but universities can be a bit strict about those kinds of things.
O, first world pains, I know. I was just keen on getting it sorted today! And I'm already dreading Monday (locked post to follow!).