In a kind of fit of self-confidence, I made a doctor's appointment! Yes! For the strange feelings of faintness that have been overcoming me at random intervals for the past couple of weeks. It's been worrying me a bit, and yesterday I felt so awful after cycling back. And then today, despite drinking two litres of water, I began to feel weird and faint in the middle of the day. I'm such a girl, but hopefully not too much of an ill one. Hopefully they'll just tell me I need to drink (or ideally, eat) more. Hopefully this isn't the start of my demise or anything. That wouldn't be good, although I would start learning Finnish as my final task to complete on this earth (yes, I've given this matter some serious thought).
I just don't want this to happen:

Living, as I do, with an unsympathetic giant woodlouse named Dylan, who's not trained in first aid at all.

So that's all very exciting. I've never actually made a doctor's appointment before, except once at university, and that was straightforward enough. I've even managed to book this one outside of working hours (just)!
I have very little to report other than that. I'm limiting my food budget quite a bit (in case my mum ever reads this- yes, I am eating properly, and no, I haven't been feeling ill because I'm not eating properly, and yes, I do iron my clothes*) due to having spent all my money on Swedish lessons, but it'll be worth it.