I was fine when I woke up from dreaming about IKEA (no, really. I dreamt that there was one closer by that I could get to on foot, and I was really happy). Started my day, had a nice shower, hopped on the bus to Tesco- and then started feeling dizzy and ill again 😦 I don't think this was because the ticket cost £4.10 return (seriously, it's like 20 minutes each way. What's wrong with the south-east?).
And then, an elderly lady got on the bus. The bus driver had been speaking to another man in an Indian language. The elderly lady started tutting and saying "Oh dear. OH DEAR. Are we actually in England?" I resisted the temptation to mention that the village we were currently driving through is actually famous for going a bit overboard when it comes to sticking English flags everywhere for St Georges day and that as there were currently several hundred of the flags festooning the various shops, it was pretty clear that we were in England, and that she should take a good look at herself and stop feeling threatened by the concept of bilingualism. I didn't say that, because I'm British. I avoided making eye contact with her for the rest of the journey.
Anyway, this dizzy spell lasted about half an hour, but I'm still feeling just…weak, I guess. I look like this:

The internet tells me it's either a sinus infection, or possibly a result of Tommy the Wisdom Tooth. Either way, I'm pretty fed up. It's not nice being at work when you feel like this either, because I actually have to concentrate at work (unlike in my flat, where I don't have to do anything at all), and it's not much of an excuse if you say 'O yeah lolz I was feeling too weak to send that translation lolz'.
Naaaah well, I'll be reet, as they say. I bought a book of photographs of Sheffield at night for just £2 (charity shops here WIN because of the large volume of rich people giving stuff away), and felt a little bit homesick. I want to go to the Blue Moon cafe again and just sit there for a couple of hours, revising for my Luxembourgish exams and not even feeling pretentious. I'll have to get round to organising a proper trip there at some point, but even when I've got free time, I keep putting stuff off. Maybe at the end of May? Maybe?
Finally, I created this curry:

I'm now planning on doing all my cooking at the weekends and just eating the leftovers throughout the week, as part of a new austerity measure. I WIN.
P.S- Dylan's really happy because he's discovered, via Facebook, two of his long-lost Louse siblings from Oldenburg! I haven't seen him so happy since he last saw Otto.