My internet research (who needs trained medical professionals when you have an idiot with a BB in Double Science at GCSE who has access to the internet? That's what I always say) has led me to believe that my mystery illness is, in fact, a sinus infection, rather than MY DEMISE. This would explain why I've only been feeling pain on one side of my ridiculous head. So I bought some medicine from my local branch of Co-op (the one with amazingly convenient opening hours. I'm not even being sarcastic. Seriously, 8am-10pm every day, including Sundays, is pretty decent for a village as small as this one. I just wish we had buses within a 5-mile radius on a Sunday). The medicine is patriotically blue and red. And while I still feel a bit manky, I don't feel dizzy or faint anymore, so HOPEFULLY I can cancel this appointment next week and go back to being the cheery sunbeam that I normally am.
I only wrote this because I knew my faithful blog-readers would be fretting, with their tiny worried faces. Further news includes the fact that I'm now making soup- cauliflower and stilton, my speciality, and reading my Sheffield book and feeling a bit wistful. But also feeling a bit sleepy.

P.S- if it is a sinus infection I hope it's acute rather than chronic and that it's a result of a recent cold rather than an impacted wisdom tooth, because if Tommy the Tooth turns out to be impacted I will be the least happy of bunnies but I should stop looking at the internet now because I'm not a doctor but actually a project manager with no scientific or medical training of any kind.