I can now write a more coherent post as I'm not neither hysterically tired or incredibly excitable. As we can glean from my previous post, I REALLY enjoyed my Swedish lesson and am looking forward to the 9 more to come. The tutor was careful to point out it'd only be very very basic Swedish that we learn, but that's OK. I don't think I've got unrealistic expectations anyway, as I have taken classes in over 50,000* languages, so I know how long it takes to learn these things. And as my worksheet so reassuringly puts it: Du gör många fel i början. Det är okej**! And I returned home yesterday to receive a WONDERFUL PARCEL full of books I can use to facilitate my new hobby, which was very kind, so I am happy.
Journey home yesterday was loooooong. I ended up having to wait in Bicester for nearly an hour so had a trundle round town, because I used to live there as a tiny person and wanted to see how much it had changed. Quite a lot, as it turns out- I hardly remember anything. I'd remember things like the library and our old house and the haunted house and the church and school better, but I'm not hanging round a primary school at 8pm. That would be strange.
I was exhausted yesterday and dimly aware that I should be happy about the political situation. Went into Worcester and stumbled upon a (small) socialist rally with DRUMS and RED FLAGS. I would have joined them, but I had to go and eat a halloumi omelette, and yes, I'm in competition with myself to see if I can make the most Guardian-readerist sentence ever.
I went to the Karmic Cafe in Worcester and ate this:

I know the picture's not great because I always feel self-conscious taking pictures of food in cafes. Like they're going to think I'm a food writer or something. Anyway, trust me, it was delicious and contained halloumi and olives and tomatoes and came with a generous helping of chips, and all for just over £5, which I reckon's fairly reasonable. I have eaten it before and would again, many times.
Then I went to a hippy festival of some kind in my town. Then I watched 3 episodes of The Bridge. And now I am going to eat pizza and drink cider. Tomorrow I'm having a pub lunch with my nan. I feel quite content.

*maybe like 6 or something
** this is the First Recorded Instance of Swedish in my blog and is therefore Very Important. Also I'm hoping it means what I guess it means and isn't some horrible innuendo. Actually, it could be some horrible innuendo even if it does mean what I think it means. But that's just my mind.