Sorry, I know I'm blogging like a maniac. It's because I've had too much coffee and am quite hungry now. But lo, I went on Google Street view to find our old house:

So that's where the six of us lived. I recognised it straightaway! My room was on the top right, above the garage, and I would occasionally climb out of the window and sit on the garage roof, because I was a very bad child between the ages of 2 and 8, when I lived there. There were some playing fields round the back, where I found razor blades to make my toy guillotine. Some of my earliest memories are of my dad allowing me to 'drive' the car (not pictured) into the garage (pictured).
It's weird to think that most of my siblings won't remember this at all. Two of them, of course, weren't even born till we moved to Worcestershire, and I doubt two more of them would remember much about living there. I have a whole set of memories associated with this house that they know nothing about. It's quite strange to be so much older than some of your siblings. The youngest two (Niamh and Cerys, to refer to them by actual names instead of Child Number 5 and 6) use words and expressions I don't understand, and vice versa. I AM SO VERY OLD.