O internet, I was in a right mood today. My local Co-op was filled with posh young ladies, about my age*, talking about their holidays to Monaco and pushing everyone else to one side and not thanking or even looking at the cashier but getting him to put their rubbish in his bin even though there was one right outside. I experienced Buckinghamshire-rage. I KNOW not everyone here's like that, and I know I should watch that chip on my shoulder before it starts poking into my eye, but it annoys me that there are people with those kind of poor manners coupled with that kind of privilege. But I've sung the Red Flag and calmed down a bit now.
So I started my now-common routine of looking up bits of Sheffield on Google Street View, which is almost too sad to admit to, but there, I said it. And then I thought "Katie, you idiot, it's been two years since you were there, you've been pining after it ever since, and you keep putting it off, so why not get your act together and just go next weekend?"
SO I WILL BE DOING. Next weekend is quite good, because it's another Swedishless week, so I won't get all overexcited with Swedish AND Sheffield in one week, and I'm concerned about my happiness levels getting TOO high. I'll be off on the Megabus. Just £9 return! Sadly I won't actually be in Sheffield long- I'll probably spend longer travelling than I will in Shef- but that's just how it is.

I'm just about visible in that bottom right one, as it happens, if you can make out a lass with a browny-red plait and a black top, towards the centre-left of the picture**. O! The days of my radical youth. I'm looking forward to nostalgia- visiting my beloved Blue Moon cafe, maybe going into the depths of my old university library, although I'm not sure it'd be allowed. And hopefully re-meeting that good  and introducing him to Dylan! 
I'm well looking forward to it, anyway. This is about as spontaneous as I get, planning stuff a week in advance. And I almost forgot to mention my other news- yes! I've been made Kopparberg Fan of the Month for posting a stupid picture of my face in a beard on their Facebook wall. I THINK I win cider. I do hope so. I've never won anything before. That's a lie, I once won a writing competition when I was 10, but I didn't get cider then.
So all in all, things have been looking up since I commenced Swedish lessons. I hope this is a sign of good luck to come. My to-do list is still long, but consists of more pleasant things like 'learn to bake cakes properly' and 'WHAT DO I DO WITH MY 14 DAYS OFF WORK? BOOK A HOLIDAY BEFORE SUMMER IS GONE!', and 'Sort out bank holiday weekend'. YES. Fairly content at the moment.

*although I am VERY OLD actually
**but not necessarily centre-left politically! HOHOHO.