Still looking forward to my upcoming trip:

(I can't draw mills very well, but Sheffield's full of them, and there's usually trouble at them)
I shall see AND Little Siobhan. It is sad that I cannot spend more time with each of them, but I'm resolving to be less rubbish about stuff in the future and actually doing stuff and going to places and seeing people, instead of being all like 'o lolz I'm having an existential crisis what do I do' on my blog the whole time.
I've also, in a kind of fit of mania, applied to have a WEEK AWAY FROM WORK in the second week of July. I haven't been granted owt yet, but it'd fit in quite well, because Swedish finishes the week before so I wouldn't need to be sticking around in the south-east for that. I'm planning to have a week at home, seeing parents, siblings, grandparents and who knows, maybe cousins as well. That large collection of deranged individuals who I dimly remember and know as 'my family'.
And even better, because I pretty much forgot that we're now nearly halfway through the year, I'll still have quite a few days left in which to do fun stuff this year. OH THE MERRY JAPES I SHALL PARTAKE IN.