Well, what a nice day I had when I went to Sheffield. The Megabus wasn't as horrific as I expected. Quite busy on the way there, but entertaining and empty-ish on the way back. It was empty enough for Dylan to travel on my lap without him feeling self-conscious.

It was entertaining because for half of the trip, we had a grumpy Sheffield driver, who was probably miserable at leaving the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire. On stopping at the service station, he warned 'Right, ye've got 15 minutes. No 'ot food. If ye fetch owt back I'll mek ye throw it in 'bin*". Obviously nobody dared to bring hot food back. I'd probably use the Megabus again. £9.50 return to Sheffield, even by my miserly standards, is pretty good, and it didn't take drastically longer than a train would have done.
ANYWAY, Sheffield itself. I got to see Rich and Andy AND Siobhan, which was WONDERFUL. There was coffee and falafel. I'm promising not to leave it two years before my next visit.
Coming back to Sheffield wasn't even weird in the slightest. I often get a slight feeling of oddness when coming back to somewhere after leaving it a while. I got this with Sheffield after my year abroad, and with Oldenburg after returning to it last year. The feeling of oddness only lasts a couple of days before my mind adjusts to being in a familiar place. But in this case, there was nothing at all. It was like I was picking up where I left off two years ago, the last time I was there, after I graduated and felt a weird mix of elation, sadness and nervousness for the future. It felt a bit like the past two years haven't really happened. I'm tempted to say 'And I wish they hadn't', but that'd be slightly pessimistic, as while they haven't been a happy waltz through a summer's meadow, and have been a bit difficult, good stuff has happened since then too.
My next visit shall be less of a flying visit and more of a proper stay and it shall be EVEN MORE WONDERFUL.

*Please note that I'm not making fun of the Sheffield accent when I write stuff like that, I'm just reproducing it, because I love it.