I've developed a new hobby.
It amuses me to imagine what expression people will be wearing on their faces as they read that. And yes, it's suitably weird.

Are we ready?


As we know, I have an obsession with the most northerly things. I'd like to go on a trip and just keep going north until I got a bit too chilly. I'd bring a coat. Obviously I can't do this, really, because I've got an electricity bill to pay and a full-time job to do, but I'll do it one day when I write my book, mentioned in the above link. Google street view lets me virtually travel to these places, which is the next-best thing! It keeps me fascinated for hours. It's possible I lead a sad life and may need an actual holiday, or at least to get outside.
I had my second Swedish lesson today. Double Swedish next week, which is going to be interesting with the 3.5 hour round-trip after work. It's OK. I have dedication. It'd just be nice if it was closer and if they still did classes in Beaconsfield.
I'll be chillaxing this weekend. Next week's going to be busy with classes on Wednesday and Thursday, then travelling home on Friday for THE JUBILEE WEEKEND THAT I AM SICK OF HEARING ABOUT. I'll be a proper grumpy republican and do 0 things relating to the royal family, except playing this song on a constant loop. I thought about coming in to work during the Bank Holidays as a means of protest, but as my company's shut, it would just be strange and quite lonely.

P.S- Dylan's got a blog. It's useful for any future appointments I have with any psychiatrists. Written records and all that.