My inability to emotionally cope with the fact that I'm breaking my routine and will be out THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW make my calender look a bit manic:

Yes, DOUBLE SWEDISHES, and then a hilarious trip home on the Friday evening which will involve changing train 4 or 5 times, I forget which. So I'm going to be very busy and may not have time for much social media (I know, my priorities are all wrong), so if you've got a burning issues you need to say to me before Saturday afternoon (Saturday morning being the time in which to lie in an exhausted heap) (burning issues may include declarations of platonic love, offers to buy me coffee and/or cake, and no other burning issues at all), then speak this evening or hold your peace till then.
My life's normally so boring that this represents major upheaval. And I've got to do a presentation in class tomorrow and this is SCARY.
I was going to do a big long grumpy republican rant about how the next person to mention the phrase '50 glorious years' or 'the nation will come together and celebrate' or anything along those lines will cause me to twitch violently, but I'll save that for Saturday, I reckon.