I get a bit jumpy when my life's so busy that I don't get at least one hour a day to merrily browse social media. My excuse, shameless internet addiction aside, is that I'm secretly INCREDIBLY SOCIABLE despite my seeming hatred of people.
Anyway, the days of busy-ness. It all went wrong. Got to Swedish on Wednesday, did an excellent (not really, but I got a 'tack') presentation on Vasaloppet, and then on the way back, got stuck on a hot train at Wembley for an hour. No information, didn't know how long we were going to be there for, and predictably, I was sat opposite a giant man with a bottle of wine, who drank the whole lot in the time it took to get moving again. So I didn't get back till past midnight and had to do my 4-mile walk/cycle to my village EVEN LATER. So thanks for that minor disaster, Chiltern Railways.
Spent Thursday at work very tired, but got to see the excellent interviewee/former classmate Iona! Although I was so tired that part of me thinks I dreamt it. Went BACK to Swedish class that evening, wondering how I was going to survive another epic trip in and out of London. The class was really good again, and I can now COUNT at least up to ten. Counting in Swedish seems deceptively straightforward. I keep thinking there'll be a horrible twist somewhere along the line, but so far, so good. Got back to flat ON TIME, so had enough time for A MEAL, by which I mean, a can of soup, and by on time, I meant 11.15, still quite late for a school night. I mean, work night.
THEN my toilet broke for the third time. I was enjoying a record run of 2 months without things going wrong in the flat. So I had to email my letting agent, but probably won't get a response for a couple of weeks, and even then, I doubt it'll be terribly polite.
But it was yesterday evening that Chiltern Railways REALLY outdid themselves. My journey home, due to poor rail connections, was going to be tricky anyway and would have involved leaving at 17.30 and arriving just before 22.00, changing 4 times. So I eventually got to Bicester, my old hometown. Had about an hour to wait, so went into town and reminisced. Got back in time for train to Birmingham, saw that it was delayed by 20 mins. Not a massive problem- still time for connection from Birmingham on Hereford train. Then the train disappeared from the display screen. 10 minutes later, they announce it's been cancelled. So I waited half an hour for the train to Kidderminster (slightly closer to where I live than Birmingham). Then, just as it's due to arrive, they announce it's cancelled too. And by announce, I mean 'make tannoy announcement in barely audible voice'. There weren't any members of staff around. By this point I'd been in Bicester for over 2 hours, which really, is too long to be in Bicester. I just got on the next train to appear, which said it was heading towards Birmingham. It stopped for good at Banbury, where I spent another half hour waiting to see if a train to Birmingham would turn up.
It finally did, and I stood awkwardly in the aisle because there wasn't even much space to stand. The last train to my town from Birmingham left at 22.00. We arrived in Birmingham at 22.05. I asked if they could hold the train, but no chance.
Luckily there was a train to Worcester at 23.00. My town's only 10 minutes away from there, so I managed to get a lift from my dad at 23.30. In my delirious tiredness, I managed to text the excellent Rhian to ask her for a lift by accident. Don't ask me how. She did not want to give me a lift, because she does not have a car and also she lives in Sweden. Anyway, I overcame my technological idiocy and got a lift, finally getting home at midnight, after having left the station at 17.30, and after a full (and very busy) day's work. It was lucky I was able to get my dad to give me a lift, because otherwise I'd have had no way of getting home. No information from any staff members and I spent a lot of phone credit trying to look up train connections on this 'mobile internet' they have now.
So I'm back, anyway, and have mostly been sleeping. I'll be making a complaint about the trains, not because I'm grumpy (although I am), but because I think this is a bit ridiculous. Luckily by about 21.00 last night I was so emotionally dead that I no longer cared very much.
I'll do the grumpy republican rant in another blog post. This is already more than enough rant for one post 😀