I've drawn a picture to illustrate what happened when I met a thornbush at great speed on the way to work:

I hope this is clear enough to get across the point that I cycled into some thorns and cut my hand, turning up to work covered in my own blood. It's a tiny cut really, it's just that for some reason, I tend to bleed quite a lot. Anyway, it was all fine in the end. It's been a very busy week, or half-week. It doesn't actually feel like I've had the first two days of this week off, as the subsequent three were HYSTERICALLY BUSY and also I had my Swedish class last night- only 5 more to go before the course ends! I shall miss them. I will have to find a new hobby after this 😦
I had a nice time at home last weekend, anyway. Went into that Hereford on Monday to meet up with those friends of mine. In the evening I went onto the hills and watched a beacon being lit, which caused a moral dilemma, obviously- I didn't want to be seen to be celebrating anything remotely royal, but also, I quite like beacons. So I pretended the Vikings were invading. Nobody believed me, but they'll be laughing on the other side of their faces when they become thralls.
Not planning too much this weekend. I was thinking of going to That Aylesbury They've Got Now but if the weather continues to be stormy, I think I'll just stay in and practise saying 'Buckinghamshire' in as northern an accent possible to get over the trauma of actually living here.