I put them in two posts in case I lost one somehow.

Have you ever visited your country's capital city?:
I'd only been a handful of times before moving here- now I go every week! But it's to learn Swedish, so it's acceptable.

What are your plans for next Thursday?:
I imagine I'll get up, curse myself for not having gone to bed at a decent time the previous night, go to work, go to London, learn a bit of Swedish, and get back at 11pm.

When was the last time you were outdoors for over an hour?:
During my bike ride last weekend!

What is the shortest amount of time you've lived somewhere?:
4 months in Oldenburg last year. ICH KONNTE NICHT WEITER.

What's your favorite kind of mint? (Peppermint/wintergreen/spearmint/etc.):

I've never heard of wintergreen and am now curious. I love spearmint though.

What was the last thing to frustrate you?

What was the first movie you ever went to see in theaters?:
I have no idea, actually.

Do you do volunteer work, or have you ever done any in the past?:
I once did some gardening for a day….other than that….I'm a terrible person.

Have you ever been to a bachelor or bachelorette party?:
Question is, have I ever even been to a PARTY?

Did any of your family members serve in WWII?:
Nobody that close, but a couple of great-great uncles, and probably some even more Dutch relatives (ALTHOUGH I HAVE TO CONFESS THIS WAS ON BOTH SIDES)

What's your favorite kind of salad?:

Are you more realistic or idealistic?:
I'm an idealist with a horrible sense of reality.

Do you have a home security system?:
My flat's quite hard to find and has nothing worth stealing in it, and is so depressing that a potential burglar would sit down and cry. Also, Uncle Bob.

Have you ever been to Ohio?:
I'm afraid not.

Are you currently borrowing something from someone?:
Yes! Kind Rhian lent me her Swedish bookzzzz!

Is anyone currently borrowing anything from you?:
I don't think so, but if so, PAY UP.

What is your last name's heritage/country of origin?:
DUTCH, or alternatively Flemish or German, as it comes from a border area before any of these places were even countries.

When did you last buy a new pair of shoes? What kind?:
I think it was some trainers and they were exactly the same as my old, more battered trainers.

Have you ever experienced culture shock while traveling? If so, where?:
Are you able to see the stars at night where you live?:

Do you include your middle initial in your signature?:
Never. It seems weird.

What brand of computer do you have?:
An 'Advent', I think.

Have you ever had gumbo?:
No idea what that is but it sounds RUDE.

What's the oldest piece of clothing that you still own and wear?:
I dunno, it's mostly all about 5 years old.

Do you have a passport?:
Yeah, it's lurking around somewhere.

How many miles are on your car?:
I do not have a car. I have a beautiful bike.

What has been your favorite class you've ever taken?:

Have you ever been to an estate sale?:

Have you ever had Greek yogurt?:

Is the area in which you live flat, hilly, or mountainous?:
It seems flat to me, but I am from some hills.