I've drawn a picture of what happens when I try to put my contact lenses into my eyes:

I'm not sure it's because hayfever has made my eyes so sad, but I've faced the sorrowful dilemma at work of constant right-eye discomfort, or doing without the right contact lens, relying only on the left, squinting at people like a PIRATE and eventually developing a headache, making me grumpy like a PIRATE. I also wore my glasses a little bit but part of me is still a bullied 11- year old and so began to develop EPIC SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS.
Anyway, my rebellious eyes are NOT VERY INTERESTING but I have little else to report. I have DOUBLE SWEDISH tomorrow and the day after, and then double again next week, and then the very last one. It has gone so fast. I'm not sure whether I'll want to keep going to lessons and progressing to Level 2. I've really enjoyed the lessons but it's such a massive trek, especially during the working week, and it tires me right out, and I always stress about whether I'll be able to leave on time or whether some extra work will crop up, thus delaying me and making me late, causing my teacher to hate me. Plus I told myself I was going to learn to drive after the course was over, although the chances of this happening are as slim as I will be once I've paid off the bills.
The topic I've rather clumsily introduced here is BILLS. BILLS. Why must the lekky bill and her rather more elusive cousin, the water bill, appear at the SAME TIME? And the BT bill, although that's monthly so not really a surprise. This month is going to be what I call a 'baked potato month', as this will be my main source of sustenance till payday. Totes going back to the Irish roots there.
Still a bit of a shame about maybe not continuing Swedish though. I mean, I could study it myself but I know (from trying to teach myself Welsh, Basque, Irish, Norwegian, Greek and probably several others over the years) that I'm just not motivated enough to sit down and learn stuff, especially if I'm working full-time. I guess I don't HAVE to book the next course as soon as I finish this one- I could always wait a while before possibly starting level 2. I AM FRETTING OVER NOWT AS USUAL.